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Sweden is represented by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Swedish heat pump manufactures. The page contains information on the national project contributions and national links.

National team leader

Svein Ruud
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Industrigatan 4
P.O. Box 857
SE-501 15 BORÅS, Sweden
Tel: +46-(0)10-516-5541
Fax: +46-(0)33-131979
E-mail: svein.ruud(at)sp.se

National project

In Sweden the discussion on the definition of a nearly Zero Energy Building is ongoing. Some stakeholders in the building sector are of the opinion that the current Swedish building regulation is already fulfilling the EPBD recast, while others think that further regulations are necessary. One approach of a definition is focusing on limits for the single building components like U-values of walls and windows and efficiency requirements for the installed building technology, but no final definition has been taken, yet.

However, heat pumps are considered as a promising building technology for nZEB. Nevertheless, there are currently no adapted heat pumps concerning capacity range on the Swedish market. The aim of the Swedish national project is therefore to develop competitive heat pumps for the Swedish and export market for the application in nearly zero energy buildings. Moreover, it shall be shown by field monitorings how an nZEB in Sweden can be realised most energy-efficiently and cost-effectively using heat pumps in combination with other heat generators and energy efficient building envelope technologies. The system boundary for the nZEB comprises both energy for the HVAC technologies as well as plug loads for appliances.

Sweden has started prototype developments of adapted heat pumps for the application in nZEB for both single and multi-family buildings in collaboration with Swedish heat pump manufacturers. The design targets for the heat pump developments are that it passes the requirements for nZEB, Fgas, Eco Design and RES directives and also LCC making it a cost effective alternative for a single family house. The prototypes for single- and multi-family buildings shall be tested in real houses in 2014. Furthermore, calculation models for nZEB shall be developed linked to the assessment process of the heat pump prototypes.

Moreover, several nZEB are in the planning and construction phase and several houses shall be monitored. The field monitoring projects of nZEB shall start in the beginning of 2014.

National links

Swedish heat pump association
Website of the Swedish heat pump association,
offering news, contact information of members
and information for consumers. A discussion forum
is available, where questions can be asked to SVEP
or other organisations. The website is in Swedish. 

Swedish energy agency
The Swedish Energy Agency works towards
transforming the Swedish energy system into an
ecological and economically sustainable system
through guiding state capital towards the area of
energy. This is done in collaboration with trade
and industry, energy companies, municipalities
and the research community.
The website gives information about energy
research and market development among other