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Norway is represented by the research institute SINTEF and the engineering company COWI. The work at SINTEF is performed in close co-operation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU. This page gives information about the national team, the national project contribution and some national links.

National Team leader

Maria Justo Alonso
SINTEF Energy Research/
Dept. of Energy Processes
7465 Trondheim, Norway
Tel: +47-(0)735-93901
Fax: +47-(0)735-93950
E-mail: maria.justo.alonso(at)

National team

Jørn Stene, dr. ing.
Consultant/associate professor II
COWI AS/NTNU - Energy and Process Engineering
Otto Nielsens vei 12
7052 Trondheim
Phone: +47-73591642
Fax: +47-73593950

National project

The Norwegian project contribution is supported by Enova SF and is part of the research framework on zero energy buildings of the Norwegian Research Centre for Zero Emission buildings (ZEB). The work package 3 of the project is to develop competitive products and solutions for existing and new buildings that will lead to market penetration of buildings with zero greenhouse gas emissions related to their production, operation, and demolition. The centre will encompass both residential, commercial, and public buildings.Norway will thus develop HVAC solutions for the application in NZEB with a focus on Nordic climate conditions and the use of natural refrigerants.
Also field evaluations are included in the project. 7 pilot buildings are under development. Several projects will be realized in 2014 and a monitoring of these projects, comprising new buildings as well as retroffiting will start in 2014.  Results will be contributed to the IEA HPT Annex 40.
The definition of ZEB is a topic, too. Therefore, also ZEB concept studies will be performed. Decision and design tools are in focus of these project activities. The development of a tool for the design of heat pumps with natural refrigerants for the application in nZEB has been started at SINTEF.

Norwegian links

Enova SF
Enova SF is public enterprise owned by the Royal
Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.
Enova SF`s main mission is to contribute to
environmentally sound and rational use and
production of energy, relying on financial
instruments and incentives to stimulate market
actors and mechanisms to achieve national
energy policy goals.
Enova financially supports the national project
of Norway.

The Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (NTNU)

The Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (NTNU) is Norway’s primary institution
for educating the nation's future engineers and
scientists. The university also has strong
programmes in the social sciences, teacher
education, the arts and humanities, medicine,
architecture and fine art.
NTNU's cross-disciplinary research delivers
creative innovations that have far-reaching social
and economic impact.

The Norwegian Research Centre on Zero
Emissions Buildings (ZEB)

In February 2009, the Research Council of
Norway assigned The Faculty of Architecture and
Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science
and Technology (NTNU) to host the Research
Centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB), which is
one of eight new national Centres for
Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). The
main objective of the FME-centres is to contribute
to the development of good technologies for
environmentally friendly energy and to raise the
level of Norwegian expertise in this area

The Norwegian Heat Pump Association
The Norwegian Heat Pump Association (NOVAP) is
an independent organisation which is working for
the implementation of heat pumps in the
Norwegian energy system. The members of
NOVAP are heat pump manufactures, wholesale
dealers and suppliers. NOVAP's main activities are
to advance high quality heat pump systems, be a
centre of expertise, represent the heat pump
business sector in national and international fora,
and provide high quality heat pump information to
different target groups.