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The Netherlands are represented platform_31. This page give details on the National team leader and the national project.

National team leader

Ivo Opstelten
Platform 31
Kantoor Stichthage (boven Den Haag CS)
Postbus 30833
2500 GV Den Haag
Tel: +31-(0)6 - 23 29 16 16
Fax: +31-(0)10 - 411 42 11
E-mail: ivo.opstelten(at)



National project

platform_31 is responsible for the Energiesprong (“Energy leap”) program, financed by the Dutch government. The Energiesprong program aims to create the market conditions for development towards energy neutral buildings, with the ultimate goal of a large increase in renewable energy and a large decrease in the use of fossil fuels.
To reach this goal, several barriers are transformed into chances. The program aims to organize the demand side, facilitate supply chains, show real-life examples, disclose all relevant knowledge and promote innovative co-operations. Energiesprong is not a technology development program.

The total program funding is 60 M€, which is partly spent on building projects with high ambition levels. Since 2010 several subsidy schemes have been made available, for residential buildings, districts, office buildings and retail buildings. The energy ambitions vary from 45%, 60% to 80% reduction in total (fossil) energy use, compared to the reference energy use for these buildings. Total energy use means that all energy consumed in the building is considered, so not only building-related but also user-related energy.
These high-ambition building projects will be monitored in detail. Not only energy use will be monitored, but also user satisfaction (by questionnaires) and the process of realization (co-operations, design process, operation and maintenance, etc.) will be evaluated. This monitoring aims to compare the initial projected performance of the building with the actual performance, related to the way the building was created and the way the building is being used.
Interesting aspect of the monitoring is that e.g. the residential projects range from 30 to >50 residences per project, providing insight in performance of a specific building concept under different conditions of usage.
All monitoring data together will provide lessons-learned that will be translated into new building concepts, involving different technologies, which are nearly energy neutral. The performance of these building concepts (e.g. energy and thermal comfort) will be determined using numerical simulation.
In 2012 the last subsidy schemes will finish, and in 2015 the last of the monitoring activities will be concluded. At this moment several residential projects are already being monitored.
The contribution of platform_31 to the Annex 40 is focused on Task 3, specifically the field evaluation of the different projects financed by Energiesprong that include heat pump technology. Based on the insights gained in the monitoring of all the Energiesprong projects, most promising building concepts will be composed and their performance will be determined using numerical simulation. This work can be made available to Task 2 of this Annex. The evaluation of user feedback and user acceptance of e.g. smart technologies like smart meters can also be a contribution to Task 4.