IEA HPP Annex 40 Bundesamt für Energie BFE IEA Heat Pump Centre iea International Energy Agency‌


The work on IEA HPT Annex 40 is structured in 4 Tasks

Task 1: State-of-the-art analysis and system concepts

  • Compilation of different building envelope and system concepts of realised nZEB
  • Analysis of concepts for different demand structures (e.g. single family, multi-family, office)
  • Identification of promising concepts
  • Derivation of a technology matrix of suited technologies and concepts for different applications
  • Evaluation of national definitions of nZEB 


Task 2: Assessment and optimisation of system concepts

  • Evaluation of the design and control of the systems
  • Simulation of promising system concepts for different applications
  • Assessment of options of building integrations
  • Optimisation of concepts regardings performance and cost 


 Task 3: Technology developments and field monitoring

  • Further development of existing technologies, e.g. regarding capacity range, refrigerants, multi-source ability
  • Field test of new and marketable technologies and system concepts
  • Deriviation of real-world system performance, product improvements, Best-practice systems, design recommendations


Task 4: Integration of nZEB into the energy system

  • Evaluation of local storage options to improve grid inteaction
  • Assessment of load match and grid interaction of nZEB in (smart) energy grids
  • Documentation and dissemination of best practice systems of results