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The IEA HPT Annex 40 project

The objectives of IEA HPT Annex 40 are the comparison and further development of heat pump systems for the application in nearly Zero Energy Buildings and the collection of field monitoring experience of heat pump operation in nZEB.
A focus are multifunctional, integrated heat pump systems. Research is mainly related to the component level, system level and the system design

  • Component level: Optimised components/units

    • Capacity range
    • Better component performance (e.g. auxiliary energy consumption)
    • Component design for natural refrigerants (e.g. CO2, propane)

  • System level: System integration/Standard systems/Best practice systems

    • Simplification of systems, design process
    • Building integration of installed on-site renewable energy systems
    • Multi-source heat pump systems
    • Prove of feasability of system solutions by field testing
    • Evaluation of optimisation potentials by field testing => best practice systems

  • Design recommendations

    • Robust systems for improved real-world operation (energy consumption)
    • for the Target Groups: Users, installers, consultants, designers, manufacturers, building companies