Project overview

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Project overview

The IEA HPT Annex 40 project

Political targets in both Europe and North America focus on Nearly or Net Zero Energy Buidings (NZEB) as next generation of energy efficient buildings. The principle concept of NZEB seems simple, as it is considered as

"grid-connected building which produces the same amount of energy on-site by renewable energy sources as it consumes on annual basis."

However, concrete defintions on the system boundary, energy flows to be considered, of the weighting system of exported and imported energy, on further requirements on energy efficiency and renewable production as well as on the consideration of load match and grid interaction are often missing.
Currently, several hundreds of NZEB have been built, but the concept is still in the market introduction. Many buildings are designed as prototypes to prove the principle zero energy balance, but HVAC technologies are not optimised for the application concerning system configuations, design and controls.
IEA HPT Annex 40 entitled "Heat pumps concepts for Nearly Zero Energy buildings", has therefore the objective to contribute to an adaptation and further development of the system technology for NZEB in different countries with the heat pump as core component of the buildings technology. Means are seen in improvement of the system integration and technology regarding capacity range, temperature lift, energy sources and sinks.